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Oct 31, 2023

Unveiling the Fusion of Flavors - Mushroom Ice Cream

At SmokyWays, we take pride in our passion for food and the delightful experiences we offer to our customers. As a unique food truck and smokehouse, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional tastes, one-of-a-kind culinary creations, and unforgettable memories. Today, we invite you to embark on a sensational journey through our diverse menu, highlighting one particular delicacy that has captured the taste buds of many - mushroom ice cream.

Delighting Your Senses with Mushroom Ice Cream

Despite the initial surprise of combining mushrooms and ice cream, this seemingly unusual blend of flavors will surprise and delight your senses. Our culinary experts at SmokyWays have skillfully crafted this savory-sweet masterpiece, leveraging the earthy richness of mushrooms and the creamy indulgence of classic ice cream.

Uniqueness and Innovation

At SmokyWays, we are known for our unparalleled creativity and commitment to innovation. Each scoop of our mushroom ice cream is meticulously handcrafted, using the finest locally sourced ingredients. We have carefully selected premium mushrooms, ensuring their freshness, quality, and distinctive flavors shine through. Combined with our secret blend of premium ice cream, every bite offers a delightful surprise.

The Art of Pairing

Pairing ingredients that complement each other is an art form. Our culinary team, with their unparalleled expertise, has perfected the balance of flavors in our mushroom ice cream. The umami notes of the mushrooms harmonize harmoniously with the creamy sweetness of the ice cream, creating an unforgettable taste that will leave you craving for more.

A Unique Culinary Experience

At SmokyWays, we believe that every dining experience should be exceptional. Our mushroom ice cream exemplifies our commitment to creating unique delicacies that surprise and delight. We understand that the world of flavor is vast and ever-evolving, which is why we continuously push the boundaries of traditional taste combinations, bringing you unparalleled culinary experiences.

SmokyWays - Where Food Truck Meets Smokehouse

Food Trucks - The Ultimate Gastronomic Adventure

Food trucks have taken the culinary world by storm, and SmokyWays is at the forefront of this gastronomic revolution. Our food trucks serve as mobile kitchens, enabling us to bring our delectable creations directly to you. We pride ourselves on the innovative and diverse menu options we offer, ensuring there is something to satisfy every palate.

Smokehouse - An Authentic BBQ Lover's Paradise

Our smokehouse is a haven for BBQ enthusiasts. We combine traditional smoking techniques with modern flavors to create BBQ masterpieces that are second to none. From juicy ribs to tender briskets, our smokehouse offers an array of mouthwatering options. Our skilled pitmasters dedicate countless hours to perfecting our smoked meats, ensuring each dish is a true celebration of rich flavors.

Embracing Quality and Freshness

At SmokyWays, we believe that great food starts with exceptional ingredients. We source our ingredients meticulously, ensuring they meet our high standards of freshness and quality. Our commitment to using locally sourced produce not only supports local farmers but also allows us to create dishes that showcase the unique flavors of the region.

Engaging Your Taste Buds

For food lovers seeking an unforgettable culinary experience, SmokyWays offers a haven of taste bud-tingling delights. With our diverse menu and dedication to culinary excellence, we guarantee a gastronomic adventure that will leave you yearning for more.


SmokyWays is more than just a food truck or smokehouse; it's an extraordinary culinary experience. From our creative mushroom ice cream to our tantalizing BBQ creations, we strive to exceed your expectations and create memories through unique flavors. Join us at SmokyWays to embark on a culinary journey like no other - one that celebrates the fusion of diverse tastes and creates a remarkable feast for your senses.

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Mike Vigiolto
Looks delicious! Can't resist.
Nov 9, 2023
Lori Fraleigh
Can't wait! 🍔🍕🔥
Nov 7, 2023